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Biographies from Cole County People

A. S. Ferguson

 Alfred Sterling Ferguson
Alfred Sterling Ferguson was born in Callaway County, Missouri on May 30, 1861. He is the son of John R. and Minerva (Waggoner) Ferguson. On his fatherís side, he is a descendent of the old Scotch family, the Fergusonís, known in history and literature. The first of the family who came to this country settled in Nelson County, Kentucky. In 1818 his grandfather, Robert Ferguson, immigrated to Missouri, settling in St. Louis County, and for whom Ferguson Station was named. The following year, Robert moved to Callaway County, purchasing the farm where Alfred was born.

On his motherís side, he comes from German ancestors who came to this country when it was still under English rule, settling in Davidson County, North Carolina. During the Revolutionary War, two of his great grandfathers fought gallantly (one a Colonel and one a Major) for their adopted country in the struggle for independence. Early in the century his grandfather, David Waggoner, removed to Callaway County, near Millersburg, where he owned a large farm. Before the outbreak of the Civil War, Mr. Fergusonís father had become a wealthy farmer, most of which he lost during the tragic period.

Alfred Ferguson engaged with Colonel Switzler in 1873 as an apprentice of the printerís trade, on the Columbia Statesman. After two years he went to Jefferson City where he worked at the Journal office, completing his apprenticeship and became editor and publisher of the Journal in 1883. One year later he accepted a position with the St, Louis Globe- Democrat and in 1886 was appointed foreman of which he resigned three years later, in 1889, due to ill health.

Mr. Ferguson was married in 1885 to Virginia Beauregard Harding, daughter of General James and Christine (Cordell) Harding. They had one son, James Harding Ferguson and they made their home at 429 East McCarty Street.

C. H. Fischer

Fischer Drug Store first opened in Jefferson City in 1886, founded by G. A. Fischer. He was born in Jefferson City, the son of Frederick and Sophia Fischer who were natives of Germany, In 1890 he married Miss Jennie Bruns, daughter of Herman Bruns who as a son of Dr. Bernard Bruns, founder of Westphalia and pioneer physician and civic leader of Jefferson City (see sketch). Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Fischer had two children, a daughter who married William H. Allen of Kansas City; and C. H. Fischer, Jefferson City druggist.

 Fischer Drug Store

Following a fire in 1937, the building was completely overhauled and refurnished.

C. H. Fischer was born in this city in 1891. Following his graduation from high school and college work in the state university and the St. Louis University, and aside from service in World War I, his life was spent in running his the business started by his father. At the beginning of the war he entered the officersí training camp at Fort Riley, Kansas and was commissioned second lieutenant. He served twenty-two months overseas, in the course of which he became Captain of the Remount Service, field artillery.

Mr. Fischer was married in 1923 to Miss Alma Cotton of Columbia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Cotton. They had two children, Caroline and Allen.

J. T. Fisher

 James Thomas Fisher
James Thomas Fisher was born January 5, 1870, his ancestors being from Ireland. He was raised on his fatherís farm in Osage County until he was seven, when his mother died, and was left to the tender mercies of friends and family. He was sent to public schools in Gasconade County until the age of ten. His father remarried and moved to Russellville, Cole County, where he lived one year, then moved to Linn, Osage County, where Thomas was sent to the public schools for three years. His father then went to Morrison and Thomas.

Mr. Fisher came to Cole County and worked on a farm in Clark County after which he was employed by the US Government Survey. He was also employed by the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company for a year.

In 1890 he took a job as press feeder with the Tribune Printing Company, later becoming Assistant Pressman. In 1899 he was placed in charge of the night force of the press room and after his foreman died, he was made foreman. He, his wife and daughter made their home in the southwestern part of Jefferson City.

G.C. Fowler

 Green C. Fowler
Green C. Fowler was born on a farm near Bass, 16 miles southwest of Jefferson City, on March 7, 1854, being educated in the public schools. His father, W.F. Fowler, was Judge of the Cole County Court for 27 years. Upon manhood, he left for Nevada working various jobs there for three years, returning to Cole County and the home of his childhood. He was elected County Surveyor in 1892 and at the expiration of that term, was elected Tax Assessor of Cole County.

Mr. Fowler married Artimitia Henley, daughter of William Henley, on March 6, 1870. She died August 9, 1892. Six children were born to this marriage. Mr. Fowler remarried Eliza Amos Karr, daughter of Benjamin Amos, having 2 children, one Robert and one who died at the age of one. They made their home on a farm on South Jackson.

William Fowler

 William Fowler
William Fowler was born on a farm near Hickory Hill on November 8, 1883. His parents were Green C. and Artimitia L. (Henley) Fowler, also natives of Cole County. His mother died when he was the age of eight. His father remarried Mrs. Eliza E. (Amos) Karr. His father moved the family to Cole County for a better education for his children.

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